Welcome to Environmental Health & Safety's web-based radiation safety refresher. Completing this program will fulfill your annual radiation safety refresher training requirement. This refresher is made up of a series of sections that must be completed in sequence. You will be able to go back to review information, but you will only be able to move forward after you have completed reviewing the material in a section.

This is not a test. You will not be evaluated on your responses to the questions. The Question/Answer format is intended to supply information to areas needed, while allowing you to move quickly through the material you are familiar with. Please read the parts of each section carefully. At the end, you will complete a registration form and may submit any questions you have.

Before you go on:

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Because this web based course fulfills the NRC's requirement for yearly radiation refresher training at MSU, you are asked to read and agree to the following statement. If you do not accept this agreement you will have to meet this requirement by attending the initial radiation safety training class.

I understand that completing this web based program will fulfill my requirement for radiation safety training at MSU. I agree to read each section and topic completely and in the order presented, completing the short question and answer in each section and filling out the registration form at the end. If I do not understand any part of this refresher I will direct my questions to EHS for clarification.